Central Oklahoma Choral Directors' Association
Central Oklahoma Choral Directors' Association
Welcome! COCDA stands for Central Oklahoma Choral Director's Association.  This organization is made up of choral music educators from all over the Oklahoma City metro area.  The mission of COCDA is two fold: we want our students to have an excellent honor choir experience, and we want to help prepare our students for state choir auditions.   COCDA hosts a one day honor choir festival in the fall.  
We hope your year is off to a great start. While we all know that this coming school year has many unknowns, we want to give to you the information that we DO have, and let you know of some changes we're making to this year's audition process. The biggest change we have made this year is that we will not have a listening room, in an effort to maintain social distancing between schools. Instead, we will send out the cuts, including the actual cut tracks, to all teachers on Thursday night, so that teachers can assist their students with marking and practicing their cuts on Friday during school, thus eliminating the need for a listening room. At the audition site (Edmond Memorial) we will have students remain outside, either with their parent/guardian or on their bus, until 20 minutes before their scheduled audition time. at which time they will be allowed to register, and will be shown to their audition room. We will have no common areas, and students will not be allowed to loiter. Parents/chaperones will not be allowed past registration. Students are requried to wear masks at registration and as they walk to and from their audition rooms. They may, of course, remove them for their auditions. As soon as a student has finished their audition, they will be escorted back outside. Teachers are required to wear masks at all times. Edmond Public Schools now requires masks on all of their campuses, and we must abide by their requirements. 


What is COCDA?

COCDA has two junior high choirs: a mixed choir made up of approximately 170 students, and a treble choir made up of approximately 130 students.  Students in grades 7, 8 and 9 audition in September for this honor.  They audition with the OCDA Junior High All State audition selections.  The students audition on voice parts exactly like they would for Junior High All State (S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, B2).  Clinicians from all over have been brought in to work with students.  Previous clinicians for this festival include Dr. Terry Barum, Dr. Steven Curtis, Ms. Janis Dawson, Dr. Darla Eshelman, Mr. Victor Johnson, Dr. Mark Lucas, Ms. Laura Farnell, and Dr. Judith Willoughby.  The mixed group performs the three OCDA Junior High All State audition selections, and one other piece of the director's choice.  The treble group performs four pieces of the director's choice (two of which are from the OCDA Treble Chorus Rep list).
COCDA is in its fifth year of having an auditioned high school choir. Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 audition using two of the four OkMEA All-State audition pieces. The number of students accepted depends on how many audition. The officers work to make sure the choir has a balanced number of students per section.
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