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Audition Day Procedures


1.Schools should plan to arrive 90 minutes ahead of their first scheduled audition time.  


2.Upon arrival, students will report to the registration table to sign the registration book of the voice part for which they will be auditioning. After signing the book, students will receive a registration ticket with their audition number. Students must have their audition ticket to enter the listening room and to audition.


3.Members must check in at the registration table and provide a list of no-shows and cancellations. 


4.Students must go to the listening room to hear the cuts before they audition.  


5.There will be no limit to the number of times a student may listen to the cut, but a student will not be permitted to enter the listening room more than 90 minutes prior to their audition time.


6.Students should proceed to the waiting area at least fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled audition time.


7.Students need to have their music in order and ready to sing when they enter the audition room. No student may use photocopies.


8.Students will give the room monitor their audition ticket, and the room monitor will announce the audition number to the judges behind the screen.


9.Students are NOT to look behind the screen for any reason.


10.No re-starts will be allowed.






Every student has a possible 400 points.

Each of the two judges gives a maximum of 100 points per song utilizing this scale:


20 points – VOICE QUALITY

20 points – NOTE ACCURACY


10 points – DYNAMICS

10 points – DICTION

15 points – INTONATION

5 points – PHRASING

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