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Audition Day Procedures


1. Teachers will receive the cuts (both written and the actual tracks) on Thursday afternoon/evening. They may share the cuts with their students at any time after they receive them. 

2. Students will be allowed to enter the audition site 20 minutes before their scheduled audition. Students who arrive earlier than 20 minutes before their audition may wait on their bus or in their vehicle. 

3. Students will be checked in at the door to ensure they are within their 20 minute window, and will then sign in at registration. From their, they will be sent straight to their audition room. 

4. As soon as students are through auditioning, they are to exit the building and head straight for their bus or vehicle. 

5. No listening room will be provided, as students will have received the cuts ahead of time, to allow for social distancing. 

6. Also to allow for social distancing, there will be no holding room and no parents or adults other than teachers will be allowed past registration. 

7. Students are required to wear masks on the way to and from their audition room. They may of course remove them for their audition. Teachers are required to wear masks at all times. Edmond Public Schools now requires masks on their campus, and we must follow their requirements. 






Every student has a possible 400 points.

Each of the two judges gives a maximum of 100 points per song utilizing this scale:


20 points – VOICE QUALITY

20 points – NOTE ACCURACY


10 points – DYNAMICS

10 points – DICTION

15 points – INTONATION

5 points – PHRASING

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